About us

This site was inspired and funded by the Tavistock Trust for Aphasia.

We are grateful to the Eranda Rothschild Foundation and Mrs Charmaine Mallinckrodt for their generous support.

The team:

Nicole Campbell,  Trustee, The Tavistock Trust for Aphasia

Brian Petheram, IT and aphasia expert

Abi Roper, Speech and Language Therapist, Technologist and Research Fellow, City, University of London

For transparency: Abi Roper was part of the team that developed Make Write, an app designed for people with aphasia and which is on our website.  Abi was not involved with the analysis or information posted on this website.

Sarah Woodward, Speech & Language Therapist, specialised in aphasia and computer therapy


We are grateful to the people with aphasia and to other researchers who gave us feedback and advice during the development of this resource, including Speakeasy, Dyscover, and Bristol Area Stroke Foundation.

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