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The Tavistock Trust for Aphasia and the ASF team would like to thank the Eranda Rothschild Foundation and Mrs Charmaine Mallinckrodt for their very generous support for this project.


Julie Ward was the original designer of the web site and the team are very grateful for her contribution.


Circle Interative logo

Circle Interactive have further developed the web site in 2016, making it a responsive resource to enable accessibility to many more people. They continue to host and maintain the site.


For their feedback on the appearance and usability of the website we would also like to thank

  • Tanya Rose and Linda Worrall, University of Queensland, Australia
  • Rebecca Palmer, University of Sheffield
  • Dyscover, Surrey
  • Speakeasy, Bury
  • Bristol Area Stroke Foundation


Help Videos

With grateful thanks to Joe Skillington of Whistle Video  for his very professional ‘start to finish’ production. His help was invaluable in setting up, filming, through to final editing, graphics and exporting.

We would like to thank Jenny very much for ‘fronting’ the videos.


Supplier credits

We would also like to thank the following suppliers for generously providing free demo versions or source codes of their software & apps for us to use for the purposes of this site: