• React2.com Life Skills Module

    Type of exercises:

    • Money
    • Time
    • Reading
    • Conversation rules
    • Can use own words?: No

    Help given: No

    Record results: Yes

    Free trial: Yes

    Support: Free


    • Money – recognising, matching, calculating costs & change
    • Time – setting a clock + days, months & years
    • Reading – e.g. labels, menus, receipts, adverts
    • Conversation rules – intonation, getting your message across, choosing what you would do/say

        Covers very different skills at very different levels.
        Some exercises need good listening, some need good reading and some need both
        British accent

    Easy to use independently: Yes

    Number of exercises: Large

    Version: UK, Australian

    Access: Mouse, Touchscreen

    Record Results: Yes

    Supplier: http://www.react2.com