How to search for Aphasia apps & software

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In this section you can find information about apps and software for aphasia therapy. These apps and software run on computers, tablets and other devices.

Please scroll down this page to see all the information.

There are 3 ways of finding apps and software that best suit your needs:       

1) Apps and Software Finder 

If you want to work on a particular area of communication, but don’t know what apps or software are available, choose the area you want to work on from the list and click on it. 

We give a list of apps and software that cover that area.

  • You click on the name of the app or software you want to learn more about
  • This gives you information about that app or piece of software

2) Apps and Software List 

If you know the name of the app or software use the app and software List.

  • Click on the name of the app or software
  • This gives you information about that app or piece of software.

3) Comparison Table 

This gives an overview of the available apps and software. 

  • It compares their key features
  • If you want more information click on the app or software name

4) Advanced Search [for Professionals] 

This page introduces filters that allow the user to speed and narrow their search, using specific criteria: for example

  • Specific language areas
  • Theory/evidence based
  • Available languages
  • Customisable

and many more


Please note that we do not show pricing information for software due to the range and complexity of options - please go to the supplier's website for this information.    

We show an approximate guide for the price of apps where possible:

£ = less than £10;  ££ = £10 to £50;   £££ = over £50

The apps and software found via this page are all especially designed with aphasia in mind. 

We try to keep links to suppliers of apps and software up to date, but if you find any that are not working please let us know using the Feedback button.

Other software that may help with language difficulties, but not specifically designed for people with aphasia, can be found in the General apps and Software sections.