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The purpose of this website is to help you choose the most appropriate apps and software for treating your aphasia. We are not able to offer advice or recommendations.


We realise that many people with aphasia may not be aware of much of the help that is available online. The aim of this page is to provide links to websites that may be of interest or use to you.


Inclusion on this page does not imply any endorsement or recommendation.

2. Links to useful tools

The links in this section will lead you to various resources on the internet you may find useful.

This website is full of resources, downloads and solutions for solving tech issues in clinical settings. It was set up by the Computers in Therapy Clinical Excellence Network.
This website is designed for students of English, however it presents current, daily news articles in 3 different levels. This site is useful for people with aphasia who want to read the news but find standard news articles difficult to read.
This website is designed by speech therapists. It has over 100 recorded video scenarios to practice conversation in real-life situations Aphasia Friendly iPad manual produced by Speech and Language Therapists at Dyscover, an aphasia support charity in Surrey [see below, Links to aphasia organisations]. Designed for people with aphasia, this 100+ page manual can be downloaded free, or purchased from Dyscover as a hard copy. This website is designed for students of English however it may be helpful for some people with aphasia to practise naming and repetition within an interactive environment. Email these Speech & Language therapists & ask to be put on their mailing list. Each week they prepare an aphasia friendly summary of the week's news with simple text and plenty of photos. The resource may be useful when working with individuals or groups and may appeal to someone with aphasia who can access their email.

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