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Web based exercises for working on listening, sequencing, emotions, attention

Free trial, ££ Android Phone, Android Tablet, iPad, iPhone, MAC, PC American English
Active Reading

Software for practise reading longer passages

Learn topic based vocabulary

Practise listening to topic based vocabulary

£££ Android Phone, Android Tablet, Internet Required, iPad, iPhone, iPod, MAC, PC American English
Main Street Memory

Exercises for following auditory instructions within real-life scenarios

£ iPad American English
Minimal Pair Pack

Practise listening to the difference between similar speech sounds

20 different speech sounds to practise

Pictures, words or pictures & words together

£ iPad, iPhone, iPod UK English, American English
Conversation coach

Practising conversations

Use your own words and topics

Need someone to program in your words and topics


£££ iPad UK English, American English, Australian English
Lexico cognition

Exercises for listen & remember or read and remember

Listen to or read describing words

Free trial, £ iPad, iPhone, iPod American English