• Parrot Cognitive Reasoning Module

    Type of exercises:

    • Putting things in categories
    • What happens if…
    • If…then…
    • Word meanings
    • Problem solving
    • Reasons why

    Access: Mouse (for all exercises except inferential naming which also requires keyboard)

    Can use own words?: No

    Help given: No

    Free trial: Yes

    Support: Free


    • Online subscription allows access to ALL modules so as you improve, you don’t need to buy new modules
    • The CD version has more functions than the internet version
    • Speech and Language Therapist can access results on your computer via the internet

        American words
        American, computer voice
        Need good reading or good listening

    Easy to use independently: No

    Number of exercises: Very Large

    Version: Other languages available, American

    Access: Keyboard, Mouse, Touchscreen

    Record Results: Yes

    Supplier: http://www.parrotsoftware.com