Parrot Cognitive Reasoning Module


Type of exercises:

  • Category discrimination & reasoning (semantics)
  • Category naming & completion (semantics)
  • Cause & effect (what would happen if…)
  • Conditional statements (if X then Y…)
  • Deductive reasoning (semantics)
  • Form & function (semantics)
  • Inferential naming (semantics)
  • Logical thinking
  • Problem solving (pragmatics)
  • Reasons why (pragmatics)
  • Situation Reasoning (pragmatics)
  • Things in common (semantics)

Access: Mouse for all exercises except inferential naming which also requires keyboard

Developed with SLT: Yes

Theory based: No, based on clinician experience

Record own speaking attempts: N/A

Correction of own speaking attempts: N/A

Easy to use? No. The user must click on an answer, then click again to input their answer and then click again to move onto the next question.

The internet subscription exercises are very slow to accept the answer making multiple activations possible and therefore potentially confusing.

Customisation/personalisation: No

Error handling: None

Prompts/cues given: None

Tutorials: Yes

Free trial: Yes but not the complete program

Support: Via Livechat. The suppliers can also log onto the user’s computer. Support takes place 9am-5pm New York time


  • The online subscription allows access to all the modules available so as the user progresses they don’t need to purchase new modules. It feels like an app when downloaded on an ipad
  • The CD version has more functions than the internet subscription version
  • A download version exists for $19.95 per program but works only on Windows, not mac
  • The pragmatics exercises are aimed at ‘what if’ scenarios
  • Remote access to results is possible as long as the SLT has the user’s login & password.

    US terminology
    Voice is American and computer generated
    Need single word/simple sentence level reading or good auditory comprehension to complete the tasks
    US terminology & vocabulary
    No visual rewards for correct answers

Easy to use independently: No
Number of exercises: Very Large
Version: Other Languages Available, American English
Access: Keyboard, Mouse, Touchscreen
Record Results: Yes
Evaluation: Developed with SLT, Free trial, Remote results access, Theory based, Tutorials