Apraxia Therapy

SLT Summary

3 exercise sets:

  • sequences (automatic speech such as ABC, alphabet)
  • 1-6 word phrases (7 levels)
  • 2-5 syllable words (4 levels)
  • 175 exercises in total

The words/phrases are of a functional nature, useful for conversation

Rate of speech can be altered

Visual (video & text) and auditory (spoken) cues given

5 stepped approach to verbal production (listen/tap rhythm/say with model/say with model fading out/say with verbal but no auditory model)

Items can be presented in stepped order of difficulty or randomised

User needs good self-monitoring skills to be able to self-rate whether they got the response correct

Self-ratings and audio recordings can be emailed to SLT

NB audio recordings are with an American accent

A free trial is available through Apraxia Therapy Lite app


Supplier: Tactus


Aphasia Summary

Exercises for practise speaking words and sentences 

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Exercises for practise speaking words and sentences 

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