Cue Name-Objects

SLT Summary

A straightforward phone/tablet based app which supports practice of single word picture naming.

Photographic picture prompts are provided one at a time for naming.  Users can also access cues for the initial written letter of the word, the full written letter and/ore the full spoken word.  

500 + stimuli items are provided.

Picture stimuli are presented in random order for naming.  Choice of items cannot be customised. Once app is restarted, the users restarts where they left off last time.

Target pictures are not categorised semantically but instead across three levels of complexity: simple, moderate and complex.  Target complexity is based on concreteness and imagability as determined through the developer's clinical experience. Target images have not been normed.

The app does not provide feedback regarding the accuracy of user's production.

App interface is intuitive and uncluttered.

N.B. The price of the android and iOS apps differ.

Available in English, Spanish, Chinese (Mandarin), Hindi, Portuguese (Brazilian), Filipino.

Aphasia Summary

A picture naming app.

Practice naming single words.

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A picture naming app to practice single word naming of objects.

Available in English, Spanish, Chinese (Mandarin), Hindi, Portuguese (Brazilian), Filipino.

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