• The information found on this website is given in good faith
  • We have over 25 years experience with computers and aphasia
  • When you choose software, we always recommend that you consult with your  therapist
  • No health service is ever likely to be able to afford all therapy that benefits people with aphasia
  • Intensive therapy can improve people‚Äôs aphasia, but needs lots of practice
  • Computers can help you do extra practice at home, there is no evidence that aphasia software can cause harm

Not all software is good for you

  • Different people with aphasia have different needs
  • Each person needs to choose which is best for them
  • There are now many different software products
  • They can be difficult to find

This site

  • You can find all aphasia therapy software programs for English speakers on this site
  • You can find information to help you and your therapist find and choose the right software for you
  • You will find analyses and comparisons
  • You will NOT find reviews, advice or recommendations on this site
  • We welcome and will respond to feedback
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