Aphasia Tutor 2 Sentences Outloud

Supplier: https://www.bungalowsoftware.com/

Type of exercises:

  • Multiple choice and gapfiller sentence, phrase and definition completion

Developed with SLT: Yes

Theory based: No specific theory base, SLT experience

Record own speaking attempts: N/A

Correction of own speaking attempts: N/A

Customisation/personalisation: No

Error handling: None

Prompts/cues given: Can listen to question and hear answer spoken but no actual auditory cues

Tutorials: No

Free trial: Yes

Support: Free, life time technical support via phone, email or online livechat


  • Need mouse to exit before the end of the exercise session
  • Extensive number of items to complete
  • Some flexibility with answers (multiple correct answers)


Have to delete previous answer before correcting a response

Writing tasks but also working on semantics

Need sentence level reading

Spoken answers are with an American accent

Easy to use independently: Yes
Number of exercises: Large
Version: UK English, American English, Australian English
Access: Keyboard, Mouse
Record Results: Yes
Evaluation: Developed with SLT, Free trial, Theory based