React2 Auditory Processing Module


Type of exercises:

  • Listening exercises from pre-word level up to conversation level
  • Auditory discrimination (pre-word)
  • Understanding words
  • Understanding sentences
  • Understanding conversations

Developed with SLT: Yes

Theory based: Based on SLT experience

Record own speaking attempts:N/A


Error handling:None

Prompts/cues given:None

Free trial:Yes

Support:Free lifetime technical support via phone, email or online livechat


  • No reading required at all, purely listening exercises
  • The module covers a huge ability range.
  • Each area covered has many sub sections and up to 7 levels within those subsections.
  • The conversation level exercises also work on auditory memory to some degree
  • This program can be purchased as a monthly subscription which gives access to all the modules. This may work out cheaper than purchasing the stand alone module, depending on how long it is needed for. A stand alone, offline version exists for those without internet access.
  • Requires use of a mouse only

Supplier: React


Easy to use independently: Yes
Number of exercises: Very Large
Version: UK English, Australian English
Access: Mouse, Touchscreen
Record Results: Yes
Evaluation: Clinical trials, Developed with SLT, Free trial, Tutorials