Step by Step V5


Type of exercises:

  • Verbal and written naming of nouns, verbs, adjectives (e.g. people, weather, hobbies, nature, clothes+ customised/personalised vocab  (needs to be able to be pictorially represented))
  • Single word and sentence level spoken word finding
  • Word level semantics
  • Spoken repetition exercises
  • The My Words suite of exercises uses the words the user is practising in a range of different exercises in order to intensively work on the same words in different exerise formats (e.g. matching, repetition, naming, spelling)
  • Up to 10 levels of exercise, gradually increasing in complexity
  • Assessment items provided to gauge start level & vocabulary

Developed with SLT: Yes

Theory based: Yes. Lots of evidence to support this software, some of which is on the research evidence page of this site

Record own speaking attempts: Yes

Correction of own speaking attempts: No

Customisation/personalisation: Yes

Error handling: Yes. Spoken, written, phonemic & video cues given, options reduced & then correct answer provided to copy. Can’t make more than 2 consecutive errors.  Clinician can specifiy degree of accuracy required before the program automatically moves the person onto the next level of exercises or moves them to an easier level of exercise

Prompts/cues given: Yes. Written, spoken, video, phonemic

Tutorials: Yes. Comprehensive, step by step video tutorials provided for each section of the software for both users and clinicians

Free trial: Yes

Support: Free phone support & in-program video tutorials


  • Sentence level: e.g. incorporating the word ‘tea’ into the sentence ‘I would like a cup of …’
  • Assessment stimuli can be used as a start guide and for re-assessment of progress
  • Gradual building of skills through graded exercises. User moves on to next level automatically once competent at the previous level (SLT can set the criteria for when to move them on). Equally, if they fail to achieve a certain % the SLT can set the facility to automatically provide an easier level of exercise
  • Can remotely update and download exercises & results (with the clinician version of the software)
  • There is the facility to write therapy notes within the program if the clinician is doing the exercise with the user
  • Personalised vocabulary and photos can be programmed and the clinician can provide the phonemic cue (phonetic keyboard provided) & a video of mouth shapes as well as sentence level examples of the word's use


  British accent


Easy to use independently: Very
Number of exercises: Unlimited
Version: UK English
Access: Keyboard, Mouse, Touchscreen
Record Results: Yes
Evaluation: Assessment of need & exercises suggested, Can author/customise, Clinical trials, Developed with SLT, Free trial, Prompts/cues given, Record own speaking attempts, Remote exercise updates, Remote results access, Theory based, Tutorials