Type of exercises & brief description             

  • 50 nouns for verbal naming of common household items  from 5 visual scenes (bathroom, bedroom, garage, kitchen and living room)
  • The user monitors themselves whether they have named the item correctly or not
  • A tutorial is provided to demonstrate how the app can be used
  • The SLT can use it with a variety of different users, each of whom can have their own profile

Error handling: None

Prompts/cues: User identifies an item to name. If they struggle, they can request a written cue (first few letters of the word), a written and spoken semantic cue/definition, a functional spoken and written phrase, a phonemic cue (first sound) or the whole word written and spoken

Record results: Results are recorded showing the date of practice, the sections practised, % of items named correctly with and without cues. It also highlights the cue which most successfully aids the user. Results can be shown on screen, emailed or printed out


  • Many of the items are in American English (e.g. faucet, bath tub, refrigerator, garbage can)
  • The results recorded are reliant on the user self monitoring and knowing whether they named the item correctly or not. There is no facility for recording speech attempts and the app itself does not determine level of accuracy. This app would therefore not be appropriate for independent use by someone with poor self monitoring
Easy to use independently: Fairly
Number of exercises: Small
Version: American English
Access: Touchscreen
Record Results: Yes
Evaluation: Developed with SLT, Prompts/cues given, Remote results access, Tutorials