• Conversation coach

    Type of exercises & brief description             

    • Practising conversations
    • e.g.
    •     turn-taking
    •     listening to conversation partner
    •     staying on topic
    •     communication aid use
    • The ipad starts a topic of conversation and you can practise your responses by replying, commenting, asking questions.

    Error handling: None


    • Written phrases or pictures
    • Spoken words or phrases
    • The ipad prompts when it is your turn to respond


    • Can customise conversation topics and content
    • Would need someone to customise the topics and vocabulary to be most useful for someone with aphasia
    Easy to use independently: Yes

    Number of exercises: Unlimited

    Version: UK, American, Australian

    Access: Touchscreen

    Record Results: No

    • Can author/customise
    • Tutorials