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Type of exercises & brief description             

  • Practise of 21 consonant phonemes progressing to phoneme production in initial position of word/phrase
  • The user is expected to produce the sounds in unison with the model provided
  • They can watch their own production of sounds simultaneously if their device has a camera
  • Sounds are organised into sound families and contrastive sounds

Error handling: None

Prompts/cues: Video and audio clips of oral movements


  • It is recommended that headphones be worn to do the exercises
  • For a fee, user can send own phrases to the company for them to create conversation scripts
  • Can designate specific exercises to be completed
  • Only consonant phonemes provided
Easy to use independently: Yes
Number of exercises: Large
Version: American English
Access: Touchscreen
Record Results: No
Evaluation: Can author/customise, Clinical trials, Developed with SLT, Prompts/cues given