• Speech sounds on cue for ipad

    Type of exercises:

    • Verbal word finding of sounds and single words.
    • Hear the sound, see a video of the mouthshape and then produce it yourself.

    Developed with SLT: Yes

    Theory based: Yes

    Record own speaking attempts: Yes

    Correction of own speaking attempts: No

    Customisation/personalisation: No

    Error handling: Yes. Spoken word & mouth shape video cues given.

    Prompts/cues given: Yes. Spoken & video (silent or with sound)

    Tutorials: Yes

    Free trial: Yes

    Support: Free phone and online support


    • Can listen to recordings of attempts in previous sessions to compare
    • Can attempt each sound in turn or in random order

      Free trial available: speech sounds on cue for ipad lite
      N.B: only available through the app store, not through the developer's site

    Easy to use independently: Yes

    Number of exercises: Very Large

    Version: American, Australian

    Access: Keyboard, Touchscreen

    Record Results: Yes

    • Clinical trials
    • Developed with SLT
    • Free trial
    • Prompts/cues given
    • Tutorials