For working on speech sound production. May be useful when working on phonological awareness, articulation, dyspraxia, reading (phonics)

Can choose to work on one or all of: initial sounds, initial clusters, final sounds, final clusters and can work on these phonemes in isolation or within words/non-words

The sounds/words are then presented in a flipbook which is divided into 3 parts each of which flip over separately.  For example, allowing the user to practise a specific phoneme in final position with many different initial and/or medial phonemes

Highly cutomiseable. It is possible to generate personalised word/non-word lists

The user can record their own speech attempts


Supplier: Tactus


Easy to use independently: Yes
Number of exercises: Very Large
Version: American English
Access: Touchscreen
Record Results: No
Evaluation: Can author/customise, Developed with SLT, Record own speaking attempts, Tutorials