• Constant Therapy - Client version

    60 tasks with a functional bias to work on:

    • Auditory comprehension (sounds/words/paragraphs/rhyming/auditory instructions)
    • Speech (word repetition, picture naming, reading aloud)
    • Semantics (written & spoken)
    • Spelling (picture naming, copying, anagrams, auditory naming)
    • Reading (picture-word matching, reading comprehension, written lexical decision making)
    • Attention
    • Visual processing
    • Time telling
    • Map reading
    • Cognitive function
    • Problem solving
    • Planning
    • Reading & understanding numbers

    There are 2 versions of the therapy app - a client version & a clinician version.  The clinician version is free. The client version requires a yearly subscription.

    Easy to use independently: Yes

    Number of exercises: Very Large

    Version: UK, American

    Access: Touchscreen

    Record Results: Yes

    • Assessment of need & exercises suggested
    • Clinical trials
    • Developed with SLT
    • Free trial
    • Prompts/cues given
    • Record own speaking attempts
    • Remote exercise updates
    • Remote results access
    • Theory based
    • Tutorials