Aphasia Therapy Online

Supplier: http://www.aphasiatherapyonline.com

Program: Aphasia therapy online

Type of exercises:

  • listening (auditory/word matching, auditory/picture matching, spell a spoken word, auditory letter discrimination)
  • reading (single words & short phrases, matching upper/lower case letters, answering simple, written Y/N questions, auditory letter discrimination)
  • spelling (picture naming & spelling spoken words)
  • written picture naming, spoken picture naming

Access: keyboard & mouse

Developed with SLT: yes

Theory based: no

Record own speaking attempts: no

Correction of own speaking attempts: no

Number of exercises: several levels and 40-50 items per exercise

Easy to use? yes

Customisation/personalisation: no

Error handling: only 1 error is allowed before answer is given, to prevent errorful learning 

Prompts/cues given: initial letter/semantic cue, can limit word length

Record results: no

Tutorials: no

Free trial: program is free

Support: from the SLT who developed it

Comments: user must make own judgement of whether spoken naming was correct. No spoken models are provided to make this judgment

Languages: In addition to English, this resource is available in both European Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese - either the therapy tasks or the entire website as preferred.

Easy to use independently: Yes
Number of exercises: Large
Version: UK English, American English, Australian English, Other Languages Available
Access: Keyboard, Mouse, Touchscreen
Record Results: No
Evaluation: Developed with SLT, Free trial, Prompts/cues given, Theory based