• TalkPath Therapy

    Writing exercises:

    • Copying letters & words
    • Written picture naming
    • Complete the phrase (spell a word to complete a saying)
    • Sentence scramble (re-arranging words to form a short sentence)

    Speaking exercises:

    • Articulation & oro-motor exercises
    • Functional spoken word & phrase repetition
    • Flashcard naming (spoken picture naming of nouns, verbs & adjectives)
    • Naming using semantic feature analysis strategies

    Reading exercises:

    • Letter, word and phrase matching
    • Written word/sentence to picture matching
    • Written word sentence completion
    • Article reading based around current news topics

    Listening exercises:

    • Spoken word to picture matching
    • Spoken phrase to picture matching
    • Spoken question to picture matching
    • Following auditory directions

    There is also a large bank of memory, semantic categorisation & maths exercises 

    There is also a large bank of ADL exercises (e.g. reading menus, reading product labels, telling the time and reading calendar entries).

    The memory and ADL exercises also work on various language areas e.g. auditory memory, functional reading, semantics, auditory comprehension and inferences.

    Error handling: Yes

    Prompts/cues: Yes

    Record results: Yes, very detailed, specifying which cues were required, which answer was chosen, how long the task took to complete and dates tasks were attempted


    • There is only one version for UK, US, Aus

    • 3-4 levels of difficulty, depending on exercises

    • Very large bank of over 13,500 items

    • Reliant on the user self monitoring and knowing whether they named the item correctly or not.

    There is no facility for recording speech attempts and the app itself does not determine level of accuracy. This app would therefore not be appropriate for independent use by someone with poor self monitoring

    • FREE TRIAL available

    Easy to use independently: Yes

    Number of exercises: Very Large

    Version: American

    Access: Touchscreen

    Record Results: Yes

    • Developed with SLT
    • Free trial
    • Prompts/cues given