Aphasia scripts

Supplier: https://www.sralab.org/aphasiasoftware

20 pre-recorded scripts (10 basic and 10 more advanced) are provided for the person with aphasia to practice.  

The SLT can also record personalised scripts using Aphasia scripts editor software which are then downloaded onto the person with aphasia's  player version of the software at home.

First, the user listens to the whole conversation; second the user practices each sentence of the conversation repeatedly; and third, the entire conversation is rehearsed in turn-taking with the virtual therapist.  There is a play back option so the person with aphasia can listen back to their performance.

Easy to use independently: Yes
Number of exercises: Unlimited
Version: UK English, American English, Australian English
Access: Keyboard, Mouse
Record Results: Yes
Evaluation: Can author/customise, Developed with SLT, Record own speaking attempts, Theory based