• Say it from Oxford

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    Say it: Pronunciation from Oxford


    Type of exercises & brief description


    • Type a word and the app will pronounce it with a human voice
    •  Record your own spoken attempt and compare with the model using audio visual touchscreen analysis
    • Score your attempt according to how you think you did
    • Save your scored words into a personalised word list
    • 2 modes: ‘Look up a word’ to practise specific words or ‘Test mode’ (Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced/Random)
    • Bank of 30,000 British English words to practise in purchased app


    Error handling





    Record results

    No but speech attempts can be emailed to your speech & language therapist


    Oxford University Press & Phona limited


    App store


    ·      This is an EFL app designed for foreigners to improve their pronunciation of English

    ·      Requires good spelling to find the words (or a word list could be provided by a therapist for the user to copy)

    ·      Using the ‘Look up a word’ mode, the user could practise specific words they wish to practise



    Easy to use independently: Fairly

    Number of exercises: Very Large

    Version: UK

    Access: Touchscreen

    Record Results: No

    • Free trial
    • Record own speaking attempts