Work on answering questions with help

Questions on current affairs, updated weekly

Work on asking questions and social phrases

Work on people’s names with video and spelling practice

Spelling with sounds

Letter spelling

Rhyme judgement

Reading tasks

Matching tasks

Sentence processing (e.g reversible sentence ordering)

Written & spoken sentence building

Semantic associations

Tasks for working on verbs in a sentence context

Conversation starters

Articulation: 5000+ videos of target words and phrases, including breakdown into individual syllables & phonemes

Features a communication props drawer with maps, drawing board, numbers, time 

Multiple ways to create hierarchies (e.g. according to word length, sound, frequency, number of phonemes)

Video tutorials are provided to demonstrate how the app works & each exercise has its own tutorial to demonstrate how to complete the exercises

Can create multiple therapy sessions and can share sessions over internet

Error handling: Wrong answers are removed; the response is read aloud for the user to judge;  contextual information is given

Prompts/cues: Closure cues; spoken word

Record results: Results are shown after the session with % of items completed correctly. Can request additional details about accuracyspeed and help requested. Results can also be emailed to the clinician.

Option to break up sentence level questions into chunks to support reading and listening


  • Can choose option for items to remain on the screen until the user moves onto the next exercise (i.e. no automatic scrolling onto the next item).  This is useful when used in therapy to discuss the user’s response
  • Advanced settings for SLT to designate exercise features for each exercise set
  • Remote management/allocation of exercises and results

Free version, monthly subscription option, 1 & 3 year subscription options

Easy to use independently: Yes
Number of exercises: Very Large
Version: UK English
Access: Touchscreen
Record Results: Yes
Evaluation: Developed with SLT, Free trial, Prompts/cues given, Record own speaking attempts, Remote exercise updates, Remote results access, Theory based, Tutorials