• Lexion

    Type of exercises:

    • Semantics,
    • time,
    • calculations,
    • reading,
    • speaking,
    • spelling (phonological awareness, letter-sound correspondence, syllable and morpheme segmentation and blending)

    Developed with SLT: No

    Theory based: Yes but for literacy development in an educational capacity.

    Record own speaking attempts: Yes

    Correction of own speaking attempts: No

    Customisation/personalisation: No

    Error handling: None

    Prompts/cues given: No

    Tutorials: Yes

    Free trial: Yes

    Support: Free lifetime technical support via phone, email or online livechat


    • Extensive program with very large number of exercises working on wide range of areas.
    • Progress tracking to assess ability and move user on as appropriate
    • Not a program to be used independently, would need SLT support
    • Can remotely update and download exercises and results
    • Can change display font and colour.


    • Need to use click and drag
    • Developed in Sweden to improve reading skills of school age children with literacy difficulties
    Easy to use independently: Fairly

    Number of exercises: Very Large

    Version: UK

    Access: Click & Drag, Keyboard, Mouse

    Record Results: Yes

    • Assessment of need & exercises suggested
    • Clinical trials
    • Free trial
    • Record own speaking attempts
    • Theory based
    • Tutorials