Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Aphasia Software Finder?

  • The Aphasia Software Finder brings together, in one placetherapy apps and software in the English language designed to help people with aphasia.   

  • We aim to help people with aphasia, and aphasia professionals, find apps and software, with analysis, that could be useful to them or their clients.  


Why is it needed?

  • Not all aphasia therapy apps and software suit all types of aphasia – it is vital to find the right app or software for each individual with aphasia

  • There are now 100s of aphasia treatment programs available, from all over the world. It can be difficult to find them, analyse what they do, and then decide which one is best for the needs of a specific individual.  Many people now have a computer or tablet/iPad at home and want to use it to help treat their aphasia.  

  • This website brings information about all aphasia therapy apps and software onto one website, provides objective analysis and we hope, makes the decision making process, regarding which to use, easier.


Who is it for?

  • It’s for everybody – people with aphasia, their relatives or carers, and speech & language professionals. 

  • People with other communication problems also may find it useful - particularly general software and apps.


What’s in it?

  • Information on treatment programs and apps at varying levels of detail from a simple list to a full analysis, including “aphasia friendly” sections.


How do you choose which apps to include?

  • We have no links, financial or otherwise, to any supplier of apps. Every app we are aware of is evaluated according to criteria which can be found here.


Is it a kind of league table?

  • No – it gives information and analysis, not advice or evaluations

  • Different programmes and apps have different features that will mean they will be more helpful for some people than for others.


Who produced it?

  • The original idea came from The Tavistock Trust for Aphasia, who fund it. The Trustee who’s idea it was, recruited an IT expert, a  therapist and a web designer (who all have a special interest and experience in IT and aphasia) and together they produced this website. See About Us.  


What's the difference between "software" and "apps"?

  • Apps are forms of software. The term Software is often used to describe programs that run on pcs and laptops. The word Apps is often used to describe those that are run on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. 


What's the difference between "aphasia" and "general" apps and software?

  • Anything listed under Aphasia Apps and Software has been designed specifically for people with aphasia

  • Anything listed under General Apps and Software, means that although it may help communication or help with every day life, it was not designed with people with aphasia specifically in mind.


Some terms are rather technicalwhere can I find them explained?

  • Some of the technical terms we need to use are explained in the Glossary page here.


Is this website updated?

  • We continue to update this website with new or changed programs often. Please see the What’s New section – designed for frequent visitors, it lists everything that has been updated or added in the last 60 days.  

  • The team also works to improve the website, and adds new relevant features, when possible.