Naming Therapy

SLT Summary

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  • Spoken word finding of 418 common nouns (animals, body parts, clothing etc) and unlimited personalised items
  • 4 modes: practise, test, picture-word naming & eliciting of adjectives to describe the noun
  • 10-100 items can be selected per exercise
  • In practise mode, the items are presented and a variety of cues are offered to aid spoken naming. In the other 3 modes no cues are presented
  • In description mode, the user is encouraged to use a variety of adjectives to describe the noun depicted to aid them retrieve the spoken word
  • If using independently, the user must monitor themselves whether they have named the item correctly or not
  • A tutorial is provided to demonstrate how the app can be used

Error handling: None

Prompts/cues: In practise exercises, semantic, first letter, written word &  phonemic cues to choose from

Record results: Results are shown after the session with % of items named correctly with and without cues. It also highlights the cues used. Results can be emailed to a designated address.


  • There is only one version for UK, US, Aus and there are a few American words (e.g. zipper, fries, cookies)
  • The results recorded are reliant on the user self monitoring and knowing whether they named the item correctly or not. There is no facility for recording speech attempts and the app itself does not determine level of accuracy. This app would therefore not be appropriate for independent use by someone with poor self monitoring
  • FREE TRIAL available through the languagetherappy Lite app

Supplier: Tactus

Aphasia Summary

Saying words & describing pictures

Can add your own words

10-100 items per exercise

4 different types of activity

If using alone, you need to be good at knowing whether you have said the word correctly

Results can be emailed

Free trial available through the Languagetherappy Lite app

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icon Summary

Saying words & describing pictures

Can add your own words

Results can be emailed

Free trial available through the Languagetherappy Lite app

Available in US and UK English, French, German, Spanish.

Record Results
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Can author/customise
Free trial