Sentence Shaper

SLT Summary

Type of exercises:    Speech production, single word and sentence level targeting a range of linguistic/grammar structures.

Examples of exercises provided:

  • sentences with prepositions
  • sentences with adjectives
  • sentences with prepositions and adjectives
  • why questions
  • complex sentences with multiple verbs and nouns

Access:    Mouse (including click & drag), Touchscreen

Developed with SLT:    Yes

Theory based:    Yes 

Record own speaking attempts:    Yes

Correction of own speaking attempts:    No, the program does not judge the correctness of utterances

Number of exercises:    Over 800 + unlimited if creating own

Easy to use?    To some extent

Customisation/personalisation:    Yes

Error handling:    None

Prompts/cues given:    Yes. Words/sentences are modelled. User can listen to verbal models of each word. Sentence completion words are provided. Possible to customise own prompts (e.g. semantic ones). Model sentences are also provided.

Record results:    Yes. The users’ speech (& photos) can be made into a video which they can send to others directly from within the program, via email (Windows version) or, in the iOS version, via the full range of sharing options (email, messaging, Facebook, Instagram, etc)

Tutorials:    Yes

Free trial:    Yes but not full version

Support:    Free technical support via email or phone


  • Ability to customise own exercises with target vocabulary
  • Don’t need any reading or spelling skills to use
  • Practising speech at sentence level at the user’s own level and speed
  • Designed to encourage self-monitoring of speech so whilst there are example models, there are also no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ answers
  • Word finder dictionaries (customiseable) are available to aid sentence construction


  • need to use click and drag if not using a touchscreen
  • interface could be difficult to follow initially for some users 
  • American accent

Supplier details: 

Aphasia Summary

Type of exercises: Speaking  Words  Sentences

Record own speech: Yes

Correction of own speech: No

Can use own words: Yes

Help given: Yes

Free trial: Yes

Support: Free

Comments: Don’t need any reading or spelling

N.B: American voice

Easy to use independently
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Exercises for practising speaking words and sentences

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Theory Based
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