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Name of appAdvanced Reading Therapy
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Paragraph level reading exercises

3 levels with 65-70 exercises in each

Level 1 includes reading cards, letters, text messages, stories, articles and functional texts. 5 inferencing passages are also included. Texts range from 17 to 53 words.

Level 2 includes letters, articles, jokes, stories, functional texts and book chapters.  Texts range from 51 to 185 words. 

Level 3 includes letters, articles, stories, functional texts, jokes and book chapters. Texts range from 155 to 593 words. 

Font size can be adjusted

The user can listen to individual words, sentences or the entire text to aid comprehension. They can also ask for a hint and the relevant sentence will be highlighted

3-5 multiple choice questions on the text are asked & the user can refer back to the text if required

The user is asked to rate how well they understood each passage (this function can be disabled)

A tutorial is provided to demonstrate how the app can be used

A free trial is available through the Advanced Language Therapy Lite app

Error handlingNone
Prompts/cuesThe relevant sentence is highlighted if the user requests a hint.  The user can opt to listen to as well as read the text. The user can go back & consult the text while answering the questions
Record results

Results are shown after the session with % of items understood correctly with/without cues. It also highlights the cues used (e.g. if the user requested a hint or needed to look back at the text). It also details the self-rating given by the user if this function is enabled. Results can be emailed to a designated address.
SupplierApp store
Comments/N.BFREE TRIAL available with Advanced Reading Therapy Lite       


Supplier: Tactus


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Exercises for working on paragraph level reading (17-600 words)

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Exercises for working on paragraph level reading (17-600 words)

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