Aphasia Tutor 1 Words Deluxe

SLT Summary

Type of exercises:

  • Letter and word recognition.
  • Written naming.
  • Multiple choice matching tasks and gap filling naming tasks.

Theory based: Not a particular theory base, SLT experience

Error handling: Only for picture naming exercises.

Prompts/cues given: Progress tracking to move the user on if they are getting responses correct. User selectable hints and number of multiple choice options provided.

Support: Free lifetime technical support via phone, email or online livechat

Comments: Have to backspace previous answer before entering new, correct response

Aphasia Summary

Type of exercises:

  • Multiple choice,
  • Fill the gaps,
  • Reading letters,
  • Reading words,
  • Spelling words

Can use own words?: No

Help given: None

Free trial: Yes

Support: Free

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Easy to use independently
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Exercises for working on reading and writing letters and words

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