Seeing AI

SLT Summary

Free app which describes the world around you (designed for people with vision impairment)

Point the phone camera at:

- short typed or handwritten text (e.g. a greetings card) & it will speak it aloud

- whole documents & it will speak the text aloud

- barcodes & it will speak out the product name

-  a scene & it will give an auditory description (e.g. busy street with people & cars)

- a person & it will describe them (e.g. a 40 year old, happy blonde woman). If the person has been saved in the user's photos, it will speak out their name.

- currency and it will speak out the amount

Aphasia Summary

Point your phone camera at:

- a greetings card 

- documents

- a person 


- currency

and it will speak out and describe what it is

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Easy to use independently
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This free app describes the world around you . Point the camera at objects, people, text (typed or hand written) & it will speak aloud the writing or the scene it can see

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