Verbal naming

SLT Summary

Type of exercises & brief description:

Photos of nouns are presented for confrontation, verbal naming.  There are 20 items in each exercise set and a total of 10 exercise sets which must be purchased individually

Speech recognition software is used to assess whether the spoken attempt was correct


If the first attempt isn’t recognised, an initial, written letter is provided. If the second attempt isn’t recognised, the word is spoken and written and the user moves to the next item automatically

Record results:

Results are shown at the end of the session. In order to receive results, the professional license must be purchased


  •  It is difficult to identify what some of the photographs are of
  • The items are always presented in the same order
  • Not all regional accents or dysarthric speech are recognised. 
Aphasia Summary

Naming app.  Photos are presented, you must use the microphone to say the word

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Naming app.  Photos are presented, you must use the microphone to say the word

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